Aunt/Uncle Test

Aunt and Uncle DNA Testing

What is a DNA aunt/uncle test and what does it check for?

  • premium home DNA test using 16 genetic markers
  • probability that an aunt, uncle or grandparent is related
  • AABB, ISO 17025 and CLIA accredited DNA tests

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Who needs to be tested?

Both the child and the alleged aunt, uncle or grandparent need to provide DNA samples for aunt/uncle testing to determine a familial relationship between the two in cases where a parent is not available for testing. You should note however that extended family members such as aunts, uncles and grandparents will have only one quarter of their DNA in common with the child; whereas a parent will have half of their DNA in common with a child. This means that paternity or maternity testing can be conclusive to 99.9%, while aunt/uncle testing cannot be deemed conclusive to such a high level. However, this test will still be able to conclusively determine a numerical similarity between the child and alleged aunt, uncle or grandparent to determine whether there is a relationship or not.

How do I take the test?

The DNA test is easy to use and will involve a mouth swab being taken from each subject being tested. You will receive two cotton swabs per person in separate envelopes. One swab is used to take a saliva cell sample from the inside left cheek, and the other swab is used to take a saliva cell sample from the inside right cheek. You should ensure that the cotton swab is completely dry before you place it in the envelope, and that you have clearly labelled each subject’s envelopes for processing. It’s important that you do not consume any coffee, alcohol or tobacco-related products at least four hours before the test. Detailed instructions for how to take each test will be included in your test kit.

What aunt/uncle tests are available?

There are two types of aunt/uncle tests available from TestDiagnostics – a peace of mind aunt/uncle DNA test or a court approved aunt/uncle DNA test. If you are looking to take a test for your own concerns, you can take a peace of mind aunt/uncle test. This test cannot be used in a court of law or for visa or immigration purposes, but is meant to give you “peace of mind” in the privacy of your home for any proof of relationship concerns you may have. You don’t need to enlist the help of another person to perform this test and can simply take it yourself at home and send to the laboratory. A court approved DNA test can be used for all legal purposes, and requires that a neutral third party or medical professional perform or witness the swab collection. The test subjects submitting their DNA samples must also provide the third party with recent passport photos as well as positive photographic identification such as a passport and utility bill. Please note that this medical professional must be organised by the test subjects themselves and may charge an additional fee which is not included in the TestDiagnostics fees.

How will I get my results?

Your results will be available to download from our secure area just one week after our laboratory receives your completed sample. You need to ensure that you have fully completed all forms and required information included in your test pack so that the laboratory can make the most accurate analysis, in the fastest time possible.

If you have taken a court-approved DNA test, a notarised copy of your results and supporting documentation will in addition be posted to your specified address.

All TestDiagnostics DNA testing and analysis is carried out at an accredited laboratory in accordance with the internationally recognised International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Our partner laboratory’s accreditations include CLIA, AABB, Ministry of Justice, A2LA and NATA and our test kits contain FDA-approved components. Our customer service team is on hand 9am to 5pm every weekday to assist you with any questions you may have about our tests and service, and to provide support and advice once you receive your test results. Please contact us if you have any questions you about our tests and/or lab accreditations. Alternatively, please click here for more information about our DNA tests.

TestDiagnostics require prior consent from every person providing a DNA sample for testing purposes. In the case of a minor, the parent’s or guardian’s consent in required.