FAST Chlamydia

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FAST Chlamydia

  • FAST testing for chlamydia trachomatis (CT
  • 4 hour processing time from receipt of your samples in the laboratory
  • PCR swab or first catch urine

Product code: FCT, FSCT

Price : £75.00

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Choose from a range of FAST test options for quick and effective chlamydia detection.

TestDiagnostics’ new FAST tests offer the fastest processing times, with results available in just 4 hours of the laboratory receiving your completed sample.. FAST tests are run by our laboratory partner on the Cepheid GeneXpert System and offer simultaneous RT-PCR detection of the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria.

All tests cost just £75 each and are guaranteed to be processed within 4 hours of the sample being received by the laboratory.

FAST tests available

Chlamydia can be detected using a simple urine test or genital swab. Our testing kits are both accurate and discreet, and are sent directly to our patients from our laboratory. Samples are taken in private in your own home and then posted directly to the lab for processing.

The FAST Chlamydia test options that are available include:


FAST Chlamydia Urine FCT

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FAST Chlamydia Swab FSCT

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Our process

All orders received before 4pm weekdays will be dispatched on the same day; while orders placed after this time or on weekends or bank holidays will be dispatched the next working day. All sample packs are dispatched directly from our partner laboratory in discreet packaging to your door.

Each test kit contains a pre-paid laboratory addressed envelope in which you will place your sample before posting back to the laboratory for testing. Once your sample is received, processing for FAST tests will begin immediately – day or night – and results will be available via email within 4 hours.