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A mycoplasma genitalium infection is caused by a small parasitic bacterium which attaches itself to the genital tract during unprotected sexual intercourse, leading to painful symptoms. This infection is very similar to both chlamydia and gonorrhoea and is difficult to diagnose as it often occurs together with other STIs.

When mycoplasmal organisms infect a host, they attack the hostís tissue by attaching themselves to the genital tract. This can cause painful urethritis-like symptoms such as bacterial vaginosis (BV), pain and inflammation of the genitals and an unusual genital discharge in both men and women.

Tests and Treatments

The best way to test for this infection is to take a Mycoplasma Genitalium test, which specifically targets the parasitic bacteria that causes the infection. Alternatively, if you suspect that you might have this infection but are not sure, itís advisable to take a Full STI Screen test, which tests for the eight most common STIs including mycoplasma genitalium, chlamydia and gonorrhoea. At TestDiagnostics, we provide 99% accurate STI tests with confidential results from a certified laboratory.

A course of Azithromycin is still the most effective way to treat a mycoplasma genitalium infection. If you test positive for this infection, itís recommended that you visit your doctor as soon as possible to ascertain the best course of treatment for your condition.

Donít put off treating a sexually transmitted infection Ė they can be extremely dangerous and cause unnecessary pain when it is quite simple to take a test and take a course of treatment to effectively cure your symptoms in just a few weeks.

Mycoplasma Genitalium FAQs

  1. What is mycoplasma genitalium?

    Mycoplasma genitalium is a small parasitic sexually transmitted infection caused when small organisms attach themselves to the genital tract through unprotected sexual intercourse.

  2. How is mycoplasma genitalium contracted?

    You can contract chlamydia from unprotected sexual vaginal, anal and oral contact, or by sharing sex toys.

  3. What are the symptoms of mycoplasma genitalium?

    This STI is often asymptomatic, but its main symptoms can include urethral discharge or urethritis (an inflammation of the urethra).

  4. How is mycoplasma genitalium diagnosed?

    This infection can easily be diagnosed through a simple urine lab test or a swab of the infected area.

  5. Are there any long-term risks associated with mycoplasma genitalium?

    Yes, this infection can lead to long-term pelvic pain or PID, prostatitis or epididymitis.


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